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Anonymous asked: i have a secret. im in a great relationship with a boy i dont think im in love with. i cant bare to break his heart so i just feel like im settling. im afraid im trapped forever.

Anonymous asked: Hey, I have been friends with a boy in my class for over 2 years now.. A couple of months ago he told one of my best friends that he thought that we could be more than friends one day. We have like the real long nice conversations and he kinda flirts with me in it :) but because there is this summerbreak of almost 2 months now he wants to keep seeing me.. He wants to come over to watch a movie or just hang out next week but my parents are always home and they keep embarrasing me. Do you have any

Sigh, parents. What can we possibly do with them? If there’s one thing I notice, it’s that we’re always embarrassed by our own parents, but other people don’t necessarily see them that way - they just see them as the funny, cooky, fun parent that they wish they had!

I think if you’re serious about starting a relationship, him coming over to hangout is an important step to breaking the ice.. for both you and your parents. Unfortunately, we can’t always control mom&dad, but we can own up to whatever it is they tease us about, and just laugh it off. It’s hard, but trust me, they’ll be doing it for the rest of your life even at the age of 50 so get used to it now!

Believe me when I say that I’d much rather have parents who embarrass me through jokes, than parents who hate me or hate the person I’m with. So try taking it in stride. If anything, make the first visits short (maybe starting with him picking you up to go out), and lengthen it over time. The more parents get used to the new person in your life, the easier it will get. Best wishes!

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Anonymous asked: I'm in a long distance relationship and my family/friends don't know (only my best friend knows). I've been in this LDR for almost a year and i really want to tell them so i have a better chance of going and meeting him sooner and such but i don't know how to tell them and just sdgvhdfb im going insane

Why are you going insane? There’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship, long-distance or not (unless you’re not allowed to be in one yet?). If that isn’t the case, then there’s no reason to be shy about it. All you have to do is to bring it up casually to people the next time they ask how things are going with you, “I’ve been seeing this guy for awhile now, he’s really nice..” Not sure about about your family, but sometimes all it takes is to tell maybe one or two relatives, and the rest spreads on it’s own, hehe.

I think it’s important however, to make sure that you don’t bring up the idea of visiting your boyfriend just yet. Put yourself in your parents’ position for a second. Imagine your child suddenly tells you they have a boyfriend that they’ve never heard of or met, and she wants to go visit him for a few days or so. Would that be something you’re willing to let your precious child do? Go someplace to someone you don’t even know? So give the idea of you having a boyfriend time to settle in. Get them to know him in some way. I think the best option is having your boyfriend visit you first and meet your family to gain trust. Facetime or skype may work also if your boyfriend can’t visit you first. Hope this helps!

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Anonymous asked: Hi so I know I can't do anything about this, but my dad might get laid off from his job, and if he doesn't find a job here we're going to have to move. I'm about to go into my junior year at this school I really like and I have great friends and a wonderful boyfriend that I don't want to leave, and I had so many plans for next year like yearbook, class council, clubs, and being in the top chorus at school. I was just wondering if you had any advice to deal with the possibility of moving. Thanks!

Unfortunately, some things we just can’t control. :( However, the reality is, even if your father does get laid off, sometimes they will give him time to find a new job. Being laid off as opposed to getting fired also means there is severance package ($$) so the individual doesn’t suffer too much while they are finding a new job. So what I’m trying to explain is, there is time. Perhaps enough time for you to even finish school.

However, if your father does have to move, there are other options for you. If you have a close relative that lives nearby, maybe you can make an arrangement to stay with them until you finish school. After all, you only have only two years left, and from what I recall those two years are crucial to getting into college. So that’s something you can use to discuss with your parents.

If there are no other options, moving is not the end of the world. It’s always difficult to end things abruptly, but nowadays we have technology to make keeping in touch easier. Always try to look at the up-side of things: (1) it’s always great to meet new people and make new friends (2) it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose you’re old ones (3) you get a clean slate. But hey, maybe your father might find a job close to home. You may not be in the same school district, but you’ll be around. It’s good to prepare, but try not too worry about things you can’t control too much. Best wishes :)

Anonymous asked: my boyfriend and i have been together for a long time, about 10 months and we havent kissed its not that kind of relationship yet. how do i initiate something?

Every relationship has its own pace. If you feel comfortable enough to take the next step, then go for it! Just be casual and normal. These things come naturally, especially when you’ve been together for quite some time. On your next date/hangout don’t be afraid to be a little more intimate: hugs, holding hands, arm in arm, neck nuzzles, kisses on the cheek perhaps? Small little things that can lead to a kiss at the end of the night :)